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Measuring for Uniforms and Charms

Members of Concert, Symphonic and Marching Band will need to be measured for uniforms.  These uniforms will remain with your child for the entire year.  Concert Pants and Shirts will be kept at home. (Bow-ties and Cumberbunds are distributed and collected before and after each concert.) We recommend keeping them clean and pressed.  Marching Uniforms are taken to each band review and changed into.
Hang pants by putting the seams together in the middle and the creases towards the front and back.
Measuring for the uniforms is easy and you can help out the Uniform Parents by measuring your child and inputting their measurements into Charms.  We have over 120 students this year that will need to be measured and fitted.  Any help with Uniforms is appreciated.
Start by measuring your child according to the diagram.  We need the measurements shown. (Chest/Bust, Waist, Hips, Sleeve, Inseam along with Shoes and T Shirt Size.  They will also have bow-ties, cumberbunds and hats, but those are easier to fit.)
Next, log in to Charms using this link -  Charms Login 

This will bring you to the Home Screen.  Click on Update Info
Now click on the member of the band
Input the sizes requested in red.  Please use inches or feet and inches.
Save and Thank You for your support!  

Your 2014-2015 Band Booster Board:
President – Donna Porter
Vice President – Nancy Travers
Secretary – Jennifer Riley
Treasurer – Kristen Hulett
Fundraising – Sherrill Honeychurch

The Board meets at least once per month.
Everyone is welcome!